Hydrofluoric acid market price rises this week (11.30-12.4)

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Recently, the domestic hydrofluoric acid price has risen slightly. Up to now, the mainstream price of domestic hydrofluoric acid is 8000-8500 yuan / ton, and the domestic hydrofluoric acid trading market is mainly higher. Recently, the domestic hydrofluoric acid spot supply is slightly tight, and the on-site price is rising slightly.

First of all, the market price trend of hydrofluoric acid raw material fluorite is stable. As of the end of the week, the domestic fluorite price is 2616.67 yuan / ton. Recently, the domestic spot supply of fluorite is sufficient, and the on-site shipment is not positive, and the price trend of fluorite is stable. By the end of the weekend, the mainstream of domestic fluorite negotiations was 2500-2700 yuan / ton. The stable price of fluorite in the field was the cost support of hydrofluoric acid market. The domestic hydrofluoric acid market price went up due to the shortage of supply.

The market of domestic refrigerants rose slightly this week. In recent years, the sales market of automobile industry is general, and the market of refrigerants has improved. The trend of refrigerant industry is general, and the market of various types of refrigerants has slightly increased. However, the manufacturers are under pressure to ship, and the sales pressure is large. The growth rate of raw material hydrofluoric acid is limited, and the support force is general. The export volume of refrigerants has little change and the downstream is empty Adjusted output is low, demand is scarce, after-sales market off-season effect continues, refrigerant prices rise little. On the whole, the refrigerant market is generally supported by favorable factors, the price continues to be low or will become normal, and the transaction center of gravity remains low. At present, the load of refrigerant R22 manufacturers is not high, the inventory is in a reasonable range, and the market price remains at a low level. However, the downstream receiving capacity is limited, and there is a lot of wait-and-see mood. The actual delivery of goods is not smooth. The actual transaction center of gravity is slightly increased, and some businesses still have the phenomenon of cost inversion. The mainstream of on-site negotiation is 13000-15500 yuan / ton. The domestic R134a market trend rose slightly, but the auto market industry continued to be depressed and the transaction atmosphere was light. There is sufficient supply of goods in the market, and there are new production capacity entering the market in the future market. The competition is fierce. The supply side gradually forms a negative situation, and the price rises slightly. However, the downstream demand does not significantly improve, and the price trend of hydrofluoric acid market rises slightly.

Third, the domestic spot supply of hydrofluoric acid is slightly tight, and the hydrofluoric acid market price has risen slightly due to the partial maintenance of hydrofluoric acid devices in the field. So far, the mainstream hydrofluoric acid negotiation in the southern region is 8000-8500 yuan / ton, while the hydrofluoric acid price in the northern market is 8000-8800 yuan / ton. Recently, the price trend of domestic hydrofluoric acid market has not changed a lot. Some manufacturers report that hydrofluoric acid exists in the cracks, some manufacturers still have losses, and the stock market is still poor.

On the whole, due to the little change in the price of raw material fluorite, the prices of downstream refrigerant products have risen slightly. In addition, the on-site spot supply of hydrofluoric acid is slightly tight due to the recent overhaul of some domestic hydrofluoric acid units. Chen Ling, an analyst of hydrofluoric acid in the business agency, thinks that the market price of hydrofluoric acid may rise slightly.