Refrigeration industry downturn, fluorine chemical market price deadlock

更新时间:2020-08-03 09:23:34点击:165359 Enterprise's news

In recent years, the domestic fluorite price trend has remained volatile. First, the recent domestic fluorite enterprises have started normal operation, the fluorite operating rate is relatively high, and the domestic mines and flotation devices have started to increase, which makes the spot supply of fluorite in the field normal, the on-site supply is sufficient, and the domestic fluorite price is mainly stable. Secondly, the prices of hydrofluoric acid and refrigerants in the lower reaches remain low recently, which has a negative impact on the domestic fluorite market, and the domestic fluorite price is not driven enough. In the near future, the price of hydrofluoric acid Market and refrigerant industry is depressed, and fluorite price is expected to remain stable in the later stage.

Recently, the domestic hydrofluoric acid operating rate is about 60%. The enterprises reflect that the current spot supply of hydrofluoric acid is normal, but the downstream market is not significantly improved. The demand for hydrofluoric acid is general. Recently, due to the stable price trend of downstream market and the little change of upstream fluorite price, the domestic hydrofluoric acid market price trend is stable. Recently, some manufacturers reflect that hydrofluoric acid still exists As a result, the market price of hydrofluoric acid is mainly stable due to the loss, and the price of hydrofluoric acid in some regions remains stable. Generally speaking, the domestic hydrofluoric acid market price has no obvious positive support in the near future, and it is expected that the hydrofluoric acid market price will remain stable in the future.